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Competence and Consulting bundled up in the field of E-Commerce

Today we will introduce the managers of ‘Web Wikinger’, translated Web Vikings,  Kai and Thore. The company, which started as a classical consulting firm 5 years ago, stands for sustainable and customer oriented consulting for new online shops on a basis of plenty markets!
‘The biggest part of our work still consists of consulting. However we are expanding our portfolio into the areas Layout, interference programming and Plugin-Development’’ explains Thore.
The consulting starts with the visions and ideas of the customer. Due to lots of experience of the two managers and seven employees, they are able to assess the idea of the customer. ‘Sometimes the ideas of the customer aren’t really fully developed yet. Together we then have to see if the idea can be successful. If we think that it can’t help the company, we tell our customers and are very honest.’  states Kai.
When the idea stands firm, we implement it. A concept has to be created, a creative layout for the webshop has to be developed and the optimal technical solution for digital

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marketing of the products over f.ex. Amazon or eBay has to be executed.Furthermore, the already existing shops deal with the process optimization: How does the customer have the lowest possible manual effort or how can the customer automatize things and structure business processes in order for all these features to engage. As soon as these questions are answered, the programmers get to work and optimize the shop and the processes.Companies like Fir&Fight Streetwear, Elekto Book or adultshop (??) already use the know-how and the service of the young start-up. The two managers stress ‘The small online dealers are just as important as the big ones’.The two former students of information systems moved into the technology centre together in 2016. Reason being the close proximity to the college they studied at. There they were able to find qualified employees and expand their business. ‘Since we have moved to TC to work, we are absolutely content with the all-around package. We can grow without having to move our address and whenever we are out and about the technology centre takes over our telephone service’ explains Thore.


We are happy to have such a successful company in the technology centre and will happily continue to offer our support in the future because the region for the region is our slogan!

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