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Telekom and Vodafone fall back on the Hidden Champion in the technology centre.


Due to the planned shutdown of the ISDN-network for customers until 2018, the company Nextragen Solutions GmbH is currently working on the upheaval of the telephone services to the IP-technology. A development, which makes the big internet service providers face enormous challenges and simultaneously presents a huge future market.
Nextragen Solutions developed a Software with which Telekom, Vodafone and other network providers can secure the quality of their networks.
By using their software to determine efficiency, create proactive quality assessments and localize mistakes, the service provider can examine the networks more closely. In the case that quality cannot be guaranteed, for example, if the audio and video are not synchronized during a video chat over a phone, the network providers should either improve their networks or the infrastructure should be adjusted. As a market leader in this field, the company has some appreciable references, like Telekom, Vodafone, REWE and Fiducia, to name a few. They don’t only work with companies in Germany but have partners across the globe.
As one of three companies, Nextragen Solutions is part of the NET UNITY. In cooperation with VIAKOM, specialists for distribution, and the research centre of VIAKOM Solutions, the competencies are joined together. 'With the help of the NET UNITY, we want to work together with all three companies.’ Explains Matthias Damerow, manager of VIAKOM.
Nextragen Solutions started with 7 employees in the technology centre. Meanwhile, the number of employees grew above 30, due to the establishment of the NET UNITY. The decision of the technology centre to rent office spaces fell in 2009: During the start-up phase conference rooms, parking spaces and a good infrastructure were important factors. The close proximity to the college was an important factor. ‘More than half of the employees have an educational background’ states Dirk Christiansen, founder and manager of Nextragen Solutions. Looking back, he explains, that the exchange with other software developers in the technology centre is a massive advantage. Christiansen finds the professional exchange and the support during big projects very important. ‘Why would we fall back on software developers who are miles away, if we can just knock a few doors down the hall? Our motto is from the region for the region’ adds Damerow.
After the positive cooperate development in the technology centre, Nextragen Solutions will be moving out at the end of June to move into bigger office spaces with VIAKOM and VIAKOM Solutions in Handewitt.

We wish them all the best for the future!

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