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The digitalization of business procedures leads to sustainable competitive advantages

‘We follow the goal to enable the digital transformation for small and middle-sized business’ explains Philipp Abromeit, manager of Northern-Lights GmbH. The innovative Start-Up was established in the technology centre in 2015 and has since then grown rapidly. The IT-consulting firm focuses on the optimization of business procedures of firms in different industries.

How do they do it?


The offer various kinds of services: In the area of output-management they make sure that documents are created, generated, controlled and distributed to all recipients.

In the area of workflow-management, their goal is to optimize the companies’ value chain in the matter of their business operations. To ensure that the individual processes can also run efficiently, interfaces between the different systems are developed in the Enterprise Application Integration using Java.To do this the team uses software like OpenText and Camunda and individualizes this for the respective company.Besides their consulting services, Northern-Lights has started a new project.They want to develop a product, that illustrates standardized business procedures. For this innovative idea, the company has requested a grant application for the program „Betriebliche Forschung, Entwicklung und Innovation “ (BFEI).The company could build up a secondary business pillar in addition to individual solutions.As a result, the Start-Up strives to create its own distribution.The CEO started in the technology centre as a co-working-space-tenant. Being a new company, there was a notice period of only four weeks. That simplified the launch.The technology centre has offered me the perfect start because we needed the possibility to establish and therefore the possibility for organic growth.’ explains Phillip Abromeit.Shortly after starting the company had four employees in the first year, whereas now the company has eight employees. However, the TC also has a lot to offer in other respects. Mr Abromeit particularly likes the fact that contacts with an enormous network are always available with advice and assistance.


We wish you the best for the future with your project and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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