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Aktiva office services e. K.: The professional connection between a company and accountancy firm

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As one of few Danish-speaking financial accountants in this region, Birgit Gimm focuses on Danish companies, that want to become independent on the German market. Besides the legal establishment of lawyers and the fiscal establishment of tax consultants, Aktiva is in charge of the administrative development in a company.
More than ever, the optimization of time and costs are some of the most important factors in order to stay in the market permanently. It is for this reason that the development, the monitoring and the optimization of workflows in a company is an essential area of responsibility.
Birgit Gimm is responsible for the area of financial accounting. This being the completion of financial accounting with the associated reports and the training of Danish accountants in the German market – especially in the sales tax law.
She assists with any questions and accompanies the sales law tax and the company audits.
‘I follow the goal to help companies, so they can focus on their core business and don’t have to spend much time with accounting and other administrative duties.’ explains Gimm. She has been an independent financial accountant for 17 years now and likes to work in the field service and has a fixed workplace at many of her customers' companies.
By working directly in the company, she gets a closer look at the corporate philosophy and can, therefore, give better support.
References include DANA Wine&Spirits GmbH, BBM Berg Brand Management GmbH, Lego und Ellehammer and companies in the technology centre like Tantec Vertrieb GmbH.
Birgit Gimm has been in the technology centre since 2006. The location and the offered services convinced her: ‘When I am out visiting my customers, the service point helped me with important tasks, like taking care of customers that spontaneously come and deliver documents.
Furthermore, she likes the contact with other companies. The ‘neighbourhood’ creates an amazing atmosphere.


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