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From Disney synchronisation to Formula 1: the high-quality MAYAH audio devices from the TC are the key to success.

equipment. In addition to the work in the workshop, the customer support and a part of the sales is also done in the technology centre.

Most of MAYAH Communications' customers are from areas in broadcast and streaming. These include, to a large extent, broadcasters in Germany, interpreting booths, recording studios, dubbing for film production, e.g. Disney or the Cologne Broadcasting Center, which is responsible for the transmission of Formula 1. Also, Biologists who are picking up the sounds of the sea around the world. The devices, that are named after star constellations, can sometimes record up to 192 different audio channels. That is, the comments from 192 different people can be picked up and transmitted, e.g. at Olympics or similar sporting events.

Matthias Opdenhövel and Mehmet Scholl are at the world cup in Brazil in their studio. Behind them Rio de Janeiro and in front of them a bar. Not to be seen: The Centauri IV 5000 from MAYAH Communications, which stands in front of them. It picks up the sounds of the two microphones, sends them to the central office, where the sound recordings are processed and then sent out to our televisions.

For 20 years, MAYAH Communications has been dedicated to the development and distribution of innovative and high-quality audio communication solutions. The main office is located in Munich. There, CEO Detlef Wiese works with his team and handles sales and marketing as well as accounting. In Flensburg, the team is primarily responsible for the frontend development, the assembly of the various models and the dispatch of powerful

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What makes up the MAYAH equipment special is explained by Andy Hartmund, responsible for customer support and sales in Flensburg: "We believe that our products are highly flexible and customizable to customer projects."
One of the biggest projects using Detlef Wiese's equipment is the BBC's ViLoR project. It stands for virtualizing local radio and is a unique project designed to help find new, cost-effective and flexible ways to give production teams and presenters the equipment and technology they need to produce great radio. The editorial teams have full control of the playback system and mixing consoles, but the actual audio files are stored, streamed, mixed and processed in real time in a remote data centre.

At the technology centre, Andy and his colleagues feel particularly at home: "It's a huge advantage that, together with our CEO, we can welcome international customers without having to sit in the workshop or in our office, here we can also welcome our Scandinavian customers, "explains the support manager. For the managing director, who works both in Munich and in Flensburg, the service is a big advantage. "It starts with the organization of the infrastructure and stops at the post office, and I'm glad I do not have to deal with it, but instead look after my clients and the development of the equipment.


We are pleased that we have such an innovative company in the technology centre and wish you continued success.

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