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Industry 4.0 – Time is Money dialogue – net offers mobile solutions for the digitalization process. 

The software developers of dialogue-net met in 1996. Since 2010, they have been developing mobile solutions, also called apps, for small and medium-sized businesses. The paper documentation of business processes is in the past. Through the sensible integration of mobile devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, data can be easily and quickly recorded and stored centrally with the push of a button.


This allows companies to


• Simplify work processes

• Save time

• Make better use of resources


Furthermore, employees can work more effectively and thus create more. In addition to app development, desktop development for Windows and Macintosh, programming of web portals, web services and interfaces as well as consulting and various training courses are part of the company's portfolio. "We do not serve a specific target group." The one-man window cleaner company, who has billing problems, is as much a customer as a medium-sized company that has to document more complex work processes, "explains Jerome Tonn, CEO of GmbH & Co. KG.

For the development of cross-platform the team works with the tool Xamarin. It accelerates and simplifies the development because the written source code can be used on average at 90-95% for all platforms, such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Everything is adapted to the conditions and needs of the customer, who mostly comes from B2B. To ensure that product development can be tailored in detail to the future user's workflow, the company uses user story mapping. The continuous documentation and illustration of the story maps ensure that developers and customers get an improved common understanding of the developed product.

The company has been able to establish good contacts with other companies in the TC, which were crucial for the further development of the company. On the one hand, interesting projects have arisen, such as for the Kartenwerft, but also cooperation partners in projects, such as free & formal. "We especially liked the community and I personally enjoyed the joint appearance of many companies at the Campus Career Day," says Managing Director Sven Plastwich.


















Meanwhile, the company has implemented many interesting projects over the years and has many years of experience and the necessary expertise. "We've worked with so many different customers, and every time it's something new: an app for Kartenwerft that also works without online access, the apprenticeship rally app for the IHK, or an app for better coordination for the exhibition organizer Compass Fairs from Denmark ", explained the third managing director Gerald Lange.


The TZ is looking forward to the next stage of development in the new premises and wishes continued success!

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Phone: +49 461 99 920


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