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About Us

WiREG is responsible for the business development in Flensburg and in the region around. It further leads the technology center in Flensburg.

Concerning all questions about cooperation and location development, we are the key partner of companies in our area of responsibility.

On numerous yearly events, we provide information about current topics and offer regional companies a platform to speak. 
At our! event those companies can introduce themselves to students coming from university and can network and exchange contact information. 
Doing this, our goal is to give those companies a presence in the minds of the students. 


To find potential companies to work with or to discover possibilities for improvement we have a program where we offer an interview-based evaluation of companies.
In doing so we cover different types of subject areas like strategy, liquidity, staff, cooperate culture e.g. to look for and portray potentials.

Besides regional companies in Germany, we are in charge of Scandinavian customers, which are interested in establishing their company in our region. 
Our extensive network and experience can help with the establishment of a company for entering the German marketplace way much easier. 

We do our bit for the regional development, by accompanying the conception and development of modern and need-based industrial estates that are supported by programs of the country, the federation and the EU. 

With 200 employees in over 60 companies, the technology centre in Flensburg is a crucial economic factor in our region. 
As part of WiREG, other areas of responsibility include the transfer of knowledge and the cooperation with colleges in Flensburg. 

The technology centre (TC) offers a suitable platform for the organization and implementation of new and fresh events, for example, the ‘BarCamp Flensburg’ event. By providing an intensive and extensive consultation we help Start-Ups and young entrepreneurs located in our TC to gain experience and become more independent, whereby the continuously growing network plays a crucial role. 
By offering different kinds of office spaces for convenient prices, the TC also offers the completion of telephone and mail services. Furthermore, our co-working-space, which was implemented in 2015,  provides a flexible workplace.
Our target audience involves founders, students and freelancer, that can book an office workstation on our website. 


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Lise-Meitner-Str. 2

24941 Flensburg

Phone: +49 461 99 920


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